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Bluegrass Gourmet BBQ Sauce

Jim Gilbert created this sauce after a number of years of extensive testing and refinement.  It was developed as a condiment to enhance the flavor of all types of smoked meats, enhancing the flavor like you never imagined.  The combination of his "Bluegrass Gourmet BBQ Rub" and this sauce gives your meat that "Smoked to Perfection" flavor.  With these two combinations you can take home that savory flavor you experienced when you tried his BBQ at one of the many fairs, festivals or catered events he attends each summer.  His wife BJ has perfected the use of this sauce in many dishes.  Brown beans, meat loaf, eggs, vegetable soup, and steak sauce, just to name a few,  Its uses are as many as your imagination will allow.

1-12 oz Bottle each $4.75 (S&H Not Included)
12 - 12 oz. Bottles Per Case  $45.00 (S&H Not Included)


Bluegrass BBQ Gourmet Rub

Bluegrass BBQ Gourmet Rub is made from a variety of spices which when combined and rubbed on pork, beef, or chicken helps provide your meat the best smoked flavor.  One which is "Smoked to Perfection".

1 3.5 oz Bottle $4.50(S&H Not included)
1 Pint  $6.50each (S&H Not Included)
12 Pints Per Case  $72.00 (S&H Not Included) 
                                               12 - 3.5 oz Bottles per case  $48.00 (S&H  Not Included)
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